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‘Bypass’ Activated Granular Carbon

SERFILCO pioneered the use of ‘bypass’ activated granular carbon. This innovative SERFILCO design eliminates down-time, labour intensive powdered carbon treatments, inefficient carbon discs, expensive carbon cartridges and lost chemistry

SerDuctor Airless Agitation Technology

SERFILCO introduced SerDuctor Airless Agitation technology to the UK, helping UK platers and anodizers not only meet European emissions legislation but reduce rejects, save energy and cut chemical use whilst doing it! SERFILCO’s many installations make us the acknowledged world leaders in SerDuctor agitation technology

The unique ‘TITAN’ series

The unique ‘TITAN’ series is the result of SERFILCO’s ongoing commitment to developing “up flow” and “down flow” permanent media filtration technology.
The combination of high flow permanent media, automatic operation and proven success makes the SERFILCO TITAN superior to any other filter available.

Why Choose Serfilco ?

SERFILCO products have gained global approval for recirculation purification of electroplating and chemical process solutions. They have proven to be a reliable workhorse for over half a century.

With numerous systems in service in the Global Surface Treatment Industry, you can be confident a SERFILCO System will improve the clarity of your process solutions, increase production quality, and reduce process cost.

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