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Filter Media from Serfilco

Filter Media

We are probably best known for providing one of the widest selections of filter cartridges on the planet; string wound, melt blown, pleated, wire mesh, sintered porous and more. Available materials of construction include paper, polypropylene, polyester, melamine, cotton, glass, fibrillated polypropylene, SS316, SS304, PVDF, and more including proprietary materials for highly aggressive applications.  Contact SERFILCO for your replacement filtration and purification media needs.

Purification media includes high purity granular carbon and carbon cartridges for the removal of organics from process solutions, as well as colours and odours from drinking and process waters, in addition to resins for applications like removal of heavy metal contaminants from waste water. We offer disposable fabric roll media for nearly any gravity filter made. Bag filtration media, coalescing media, horizontal disc filter paper, and filter aid are also available at SERFILCO.

The Benefits

  • Precision wound
  • Micron accuracy tested
  • Wide selection of media material, cartridge lengths and micron ratings
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Fits any D.O.E. style vessel
  • Length to fit any chamber
  • Selective depth filtration
  • Pleated available for extended surface area
  • Carbon Media For absorption of undesirable contaminants
  • Improve finished goods quality, and minimize maintenance and rework with longer continuous high-flow operation
  • Save money with lower cost, high surface area

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