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SERFILCO® International Ltd is a global supplier of liquid handling equipment for chemical, surface finishing and other wet process applications. Headquartered in Manchester, UK since its inception in 1975, SERFILCO® International Ltd has developed an enviable worldwide reputation for quality and innovation. SERFILCO® International are specialists in the design, manufacture and distribution of corrosion resistant pumps, filters, filter media and agitation systems. The company continues to bring products to the market place that enable chemical processors to improve quality, save money, achieve operator compliance and protect the environment. With facilities in the UK, Germany, and China SERFILCO® is committed to live up to its mantra to offer:


We welcome your inquiry and are confident we can work together to provide a clear solution to all your liquid handling needs including, but not limited to SERFILCO® Thermoplastic Pumps, Filter Chambers, Filtration Systems, Filtration Media, Pump Accessories, Electroplating Equipment and Replacement Parts for Pumps.

SERFILCO® also offers Repair, Service and Installation from our UK facility with a team of engineers able to install PP, CPVC and PVDF piping on site.

Our Goal

SERFILCO’s Goal is to Provide INNOVATION and EXPERTISE in a Changing Environment

  • Provide Lowest Filtration Lifetime Running Costs
  • Supply Best Possible in-Market Support
  • Minimise Unnecessary Maintenance and Labour Overheads
  • Prevent Rejects due to Roughness, Pitting & Organics
  • Eliminate ‘Above-Tank’ Airborne Emissions
  • Stop Chemical Waste and Associated Costs
  • Give User Friendly Carbon Purification
  • Help to Deliver a Safe Working Environment
  • Prevent Avoidable Utilities Expenditure

ISO9001-2015 Quality Certificate

To Help You Work Faster, Work Smarter, Work Economically

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